Venly and RedKite Partnering

2 min readFeb 5, 2022

Venly and RedKite are partnering to celebrate the RedKite soft launch and all things NFT.

With a primary focus on quality, it’s no surprise to see the new partnerships RedKite has established. Collaborating with like-minded organisations that put their communities first, providing safe places and tools to make informed decisions.

RedKite is a revolutionary fine art NFT platform. Transcending artists from physical to dynamic digital experiences.

The first platform to curate leading contemporary artists, commission original physical works, NFTs and asset backed NFTs all within one exciting and innovative space. Creating new ways to own fine art, whilst placing more works on public display for the greater benefit of the visual arts community.

With deep ties to the fine art world and a sophisticated technology stack, RedKite is delivering exceptional quality within an environmentally friendly and secure solution.

The integration of the Venly Wallet into the RedKite ecosystem provides NFT collectors with an extremely easy, plug-and-play agnostic blockchain wallet solution to manage digital assets across more than 12 blockchains. All it takes is just one click, removing the need to go through the usual tedious process of getting set up.

Venly understands the importance of being blockchain agnostic and ensuring that the barrier of entry into this space is not limited only to the tech savvy. Their solutions will enable RedKite to streamline the onboarding process for end users through a simple to use digital wallet, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Kicking this partnership off, Venly is joining the RedKite Sticker Bomb Airdrop. The community first soft launch for RedKite, which sees three established artists BEN EINE, FANAKAPAN & VOYDER creating a vibrant series of sticker NFTs. Including custom Venly colourways.

To qualify for the Sticker Bomb NFT Airdrop you must:

  1. Subscribe to the RedKite mailing list (& complete GDPR fully)
  2. Join the RedKite Discord
  3. Enter the draw when the time is right…

When will the time be right? Venly will be dropping a special code and link within their Discord, make sure you’re watching closely for the announcement…

What happens next? 1000 people will be randomly drawn to win 3 NFTs each. The NFTs will be a random mix of artists & colours.

If you hodl three (3) Sticker Bomb NFTs by the same artist, you will secure a whitelist spot on select drops for that artist.

Once the airdrop is complete the Sticker Bomb NFTs can be traded immediately on the RedKiteNFT platform allowing you to trade and complete a set of your favourite artist (or all).

Join the NFT art revolution. Enter the airdrop here.

Get started on your NFT journey with Venly Wallet now.

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RedKite is a revolutionary curated fine art NFT platform. Transcending artists from physical to dynamic digital experiences.